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Alisson Becker

Alisson has come back from a very long way. Alisson has suffered a lot in the 2020/21 season. Firstly, he is injured then in February he lost his father.  Lacking confidence, making mistakes after this event it seems he is over but against West Brom, he manages to score one of the amazing goals of the EPL at the last min. His goal secures the REDS to qualify for the UCL. 

Birthplace: Novo Hamburgo, Brazil Nationality: Brazillian Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1992 Birth Sign:Libra Net worth: 9 Million Euro Profession: Footballer

Yassine Bounou

In March 2021 F.C Sevilla’s goalkeeper proves he is more effective than attackers. Sevilla is losing 1 nothing, it was impossible to create and convert any chances. Happily, at the end of the match, Yassine Bounou was his team guardian angle after scoring an equalizing goal. This goal helps Sevilla for the UCL qualification race.

Birthplace: Montreal, Canada Nationality: Moroccan Marital status: Unmarried Birth Year: 1991 Birth Sign:Aries Net worth: £1,874,600 Profession: Footballer

Jens Lehmann

Jens Lehmann is a legend of German football, The youngest of you might not know him but Borussia Dortmund fans and players know him very well. On December 19, 1997, he was playing for Schalke 04 and in the very famous Revierderby, he was judge, jury, and executioner. In the 90th minute, Jens Lehmann earned his team a draw with a superpower header. The point is his goal helps Schalke 04 to finished 5th in the league.

Birthplace: Essen, West Germany Nationality: Germany Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1969 Birth Sign:Scorpio Net worth: $5 million Profession: Footballer

Peter Schmeichel

For those who don’t know Peter Schmeichel, he is the dad of Kasper Schmeichel Leicester goalkeeper. He has already left a great mark in EPL history and football history. He is one of the best goalkeepers in football history. In September 1995 he was almost a hero for the team. Manchester United was hosting the Russian club in the UEFA cup match. Trailing 2 nothing at the break red devils need 3 goals to secure the win. Paul Scholes reduce the score. In the last minute of the game, Peter moved to the opposition area and scored a perfect header.

Birthplace: Gladsaxe, Denmark Nationality: Danish Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1963 Birth Sign:Scorpio Net worth: $25 million Profession: Footballer

Alberto Brignoli

Alberto Brignoli is not the famous name on this list but he is one of the players who left his mark in Serie A. In the 2017/2018 season, the club is playing very first season among the Italian A league. Unfortunately, they started the season with 14 consecutive defeats. But on December 3rd, 2017 the curse came to an end. On the final free-kick against A.C Milan, Alberto Brignoli got past everyone and his diving header found the back of the net. His goal earned the first point for Benevento Calcio in Serie A.


Birthplace: Trescore Balneario, Italy Nationality: Italian Marital status: Unmarried Birth Year: 1991 Birth Sign:Leo Net worth: $6 million Profession: Footballer

Fabio Coltorti

In 2015 RB Leipzig is fighting for relegation in Bundesliga. Some people don’t believe it but it’s true. A few days before ending the season they still had a chance to make it to the Bundesliga and RP Leipzig was able to count on their keeper. In the 93rd minute of the game, Fabio scores an outstanding goal to secure Leipzig but Leipzig lost3 straight matches and don’t make it to the Bundesliga.

Birthplace: Kriens, Switzerland Nationality: Swiss Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1980 Birth Sign:Sagittarius Net worth: $4 million Profession: Footballer

Andres Palop

On March 15th, 2007 in the UEFA Cup last 16 F.C Sevilla faced Shakhtar Donetsk. But in one of the suspenseful moments, Andres Palop connected with Dani Alves corner and you know the full story. With his goal, he took his team in extra time. The Sevilla scored a goal in extra time and make their way to the next round. In the final, he helped his team again saving 3 penalties which help Sevilla to win the league. Sometimes some people are just meant to play football he is the perfect example.

Birthplace: L'Alcúdia, Spain Nationality: Spanish Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1973 Birth Sign:Libra Net worth: $8 million Profession: Footballer

Masuluke Oscarine

I am going to tell you the craziest goal on this list. In the closing seconds of his team game, Masuluke Oscarine did the ultimate skill a bicycle kick goal which secured his team a draw. Before that goal, he is completely unknown on social media but his goal is nominated for the Puskas award 2017.

Birthplace: South Africa Nationality: South African Marital status: Unmarried Birth Year: 1993 Birth Sign:Taurus Net worth: $1 Million - $5 Million Profession: Footballer