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Every Portuguese fan remembers the euro 2016 final against France. After defeating Germany in the semi-final France was the huge favourites. This was clear from the beginning of the match. They are dominating Portugal from the beginning. Team captain Cristiano Injured at the beginning of the match. Huge let of for Portugal. They manage to defend until the Eder came on, their saviour. A few min after ending the match he sends a powerful shot inside the french net. Which help Portugal to win the euro.

In Lisbon, they chanted the name, Eder. Football fans have all heard of his name. what happens next? Eder signs for a club in Russia but we have not heard his name again. He never scores a goal as significant as he scores in the euro final.

Birthplace: Bissau, Guinea-Bissau Nationality: Portuguese Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1987 Birth Sign:Capricorn Net worth: $4 million Profession: Footballer

Divock Origi

Did you remember the Origi magnificent goal to knock Barcelona out of UCL? The striker scored one of the important goals for the REDS. His brace against Barcelona made him an unlikely hero. Even Barcelona is not prepared for his performance. That night Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah were absent so Origi start alongside Sadio Mane. This choice by Kloop is the best choice of the year.

But sadly he never shines since this iconic game. He saved the REDS in a number of situations.

Birthplace: Ostend, Belgium Nationality: Belgian Marital status: Unmarried Birth Year: 1995 Birth Sign:Aries Net worth: 10 Million Euro Profession: Footballer

Angelos Charisteas

Here is the guy France likes to have in 2016. To understand why you need to jump Lil bit back. July 4th, 2004 Lisbon the euro final between Greece and Portugal. On a corner, he landed a powerful header inside the Portuguese net which help Greece to win the euro in 2004. But we did not see him after this match. He changed the number of clubs without establishing himself as a good center forward.

Birthplace: Serres, Greece Nationality: Greek Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1980 Birth Sign:Aquarius Net worth: $16.5 million Profession: Footballer

Federico Macheda

Federico Macheda scored the most important goal of his career on April 5th, 2009 at Old Trafford against Aston Villa. That day he was only 17 and replaced Nani. When he came to United are losing 2-1 at home. Cr7 ended up drawing the 2 teams level but in the 93rd min, Macheda eliminated opponent defence with his well-placed heel flick and scored a goal in his debut. Old Trafford exploded, all the club fans expected him to become the club new star. But in reality, he was only the start of the afternoon. After that day he never delivered. He completely disappeared. But his goal indirectly helps manchester to win EPL.

Birthplace: Rome, Italy Nationality: Italian Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1991 Birth Sign:Leo Net worth: $1-5 million Profession: Footballer

Luiz Adriano

Despite his fame, in eastern Europe, no one had heard about Luiz Adriano before a very special night. On October 21st, 2014 will live forever in history. That night Brazilian equalled the record held by Lionel Messi. Yes, you read the same Lionel Messi.  Shakhtar Donetsk is playing to qualify for the UCL. Adriano marked to the occasion by playing the match of his career. He scored an incredible number of 5 goals. After this many people wanted him to score but he never delivered and disappear.

Birthplace: Porto Alegre, Brazil Nationality: Brazilian Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1987 Birth Sign:Aries Net worth: $1M Profession: Footballer

Sergei Semak

There are only 2 groups of people who can tell you about Sergei Semak. Russian because he is very famous in his country and also PSG fans. That’s for 2 reasons in particular.

The first is on  December 7th, 2004 Sergei Semak single-handedly destroyed PSG. He scored a historic hat-trick against them. Sergei Semak eliminated PSG. A true execution because they did not qualify in the UCL for the 8 years. which means it was a lasting memory.

That’s not all PSG signed him following season but he never as good when he scored a hattrick against them. That proves it’s never wise to try something with someone who broke your heart.

Birthplace: Sychanske, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union Nationality: Russian Marital status: Married Birth Year: 1976 Birth Sign:Pisces Net worth: $1.5 Million Profession: Former footballer, Football manager