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shroud is a very popular media personality in North America. His streams each time gain over 20 thousand viewers because the Canadian’s playstyle is truly mesmerizing.


Before Fame

Before CS: GO, he hadn’t played professionally any of the previous versions of the game. He first appeared on the pro scene with Slow Motion, after which there was a period in Exertus eSports and Manajuma



In October 2019, Shroud announced the move from Twitch to Mixer, following US streamer Ninja. This move amazed fans. Earlier, the young man stated that the departure of a popular colleague from the platform is a good advantage that should be taken advantage of. Grzesik said that switching to Microsoft’s platform is the best solution for career advancement.


Family Life 

Michael Grzesiek aka “Shroud” was born in Toronto. Polish by nationality, but admitted that he did not know the Polish language at all. Mike was fond of video games from an early age. This was facilitated by the boy’s father, who was engaged in the assembly of computers. It was he who showed the future cyber sportsman the Counter-Strike game, with which he subsequently began his career.


Associated With

Mike met n0thing, who invited the Canadian to join his team. Since then, the two have played in organizations such as compLexity Gaming and Cloud9. It is worth noting that shroud is considered the best Canadian player at the moment, as well as one of the most promising players in North America in general.

$15 Million (approx.)

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