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Popular Spanish video blogger, creator of the elrubiusOMG YouTube channel. His channel currently has over 37 million subscribers and over 8 billion views, making it the second most popular Spanish-language channel and the most-watched channel in Spain.


Before Fame

In April 2006, Ruben creates a YouTube account, calling it elrubius. Ruben began his YouTube activity in 2008, uploading letplays of the game GTA IV to the channel. However, due to the fact that this channel received a strike, Ruben was unable to connect an affiliate network to the channel. 



In October and November 2020, he was one of the coaches in the talent game Top Gamers Academy of Atresmedia. 


Family Life

Ruben was born in the Spanish town of Mijas in February 1990 as Ruben Doblas Gundersen. His father is Spanish, mother is Norwegian. Due to the divorce of his parents, Ruben spent most of his childhood in the city of Bergen, Norway. He has a younger sister named Liv on his mother’s side and two brothers on his father’s side. The matured Ruben returns to Spain, starting to study animation from 3D modeling.


Associated With

In his high school stage, at the age of 16, his parents separated again, so he relocated to Norway again. During this time he met Miguel Ángel Rogel Ruíz, or better known by his online alias mangelrogel or simply Mangel, through an internet forum, and began to upload his first videos on YouTube through his user elrubius, whom Rubén claimed to choose that name as a play on words since as a child he had blond hair and his name was Rubén.

$7 Million

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