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Maisie Williams is a young British actress who won the hearts of fans from the fantasy saga Game of Thrones in 2011. She made her acting debut at the age of 14 in the TV series GOT. Maisie Williams is one of the youngest and most brilliant actresses of recent years who has conquered both the small and the big screen with her skills and showing that she has a great talent for acting. The actress, in fact, immediately made her debut with the HBO series and has always been able to keep the quality level of her character high, continuing to experiment with different areas of cinema and series, participating in various projects.


Early Life

Margaret Constance Macy Williams was born on April 15, 1997, in the English city of Bristol. But the girl did not manage to live long here. Her mother, Hilary Williams, who worked as an administrator at the university, divorced Macy’s father Gary Williams while she was still crawling under the table. Together with Margaret and her older two brothers (James and Ted) and sister (Beth), the mother moved to Somerset County, where the entire large Williams family met their future stepfather.


It was in Somerset that the future actress fully grew and improved. Here the girl graduated from Clutton Elementary School. Macy grew up an active and cheerful child and from childhood showed a craving for the performing arts. The girl was so carried away by dancing that by hook or by crook she tried to persuade her mother to send her to the Susan Hill dance school – a specialized institution for those for whom dancing had already outgrown the status of a hobby. The teachers of this institution immediately saw talent in the assertive girl and predicted a great future for her.

Soon after the start of her studies, the girl was sent to a talent competition in Paris. in the end, she brought from there not only invaluable experience but also her own agent named Louise Johnston. It was she who advised the little artistic dancer to try her hand at the real cinema.

Body Features

This beautiful sweet nice actress and dancer originating from Bristol, England, United Kingdom have a slim body and round face type. She has smooth dark brown medium-length hair, with gray eyes stands at a height of 152 cm, and weighs only 50 kg.



In 2011, Macy received her debut role in the first season of the Game of Thrones series. She played Arya Stark – this role earned her in all respects: the character of Macy is in many ways similar to the character of this heroine. The actress participated in all eight seasons of Game of Thrones. Arya’s image turned out to be so similar to the original book that Macy has consistently received rave reviews from fans and respect from film critics. In addition, thanks to this role, Macy has received numerous awards.


The role of a rebellious teenager got in the films Gold and Heatstroke. Maisie starred in rather somber paintings. They are mainly the miniseries Secret Crickley Hall (detective horror) and the brutal film Fall, in which the themes of sexuality were discussed rather bravely.


In the Cyber Terror movie, Macy’s character was terrorized by a hacker. But in the film, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea the talent of the actress was revealed on a completely unexpected side. In this film, Macy starred with Oscar-winning Steenbergen Mary, and with Sudeikis Jason and Jessica Bill. In 2015, the actress took part in the filming of the fantasy series Doctor Who, the British docudrama television film Cyberbully (2015), the British science-fiction teen thriller film iBoy (2017), and the comedy action drama series Two Weeks to Live (2020). she also gave voice to the role of Cammie MacCloud in the American animated web series Gen: Lock.



Maisie Williams has dated –

  1. Caspar Lee – Maisie and YouTuber Caspar Lee have been seen together on several occasions since 2014. She even made an appearance in a video titled Bedroom Advice with Caspar Lee. They managed to keep fans in the dilemma with their high profile image for 2 years, posting photos of each other and sending flirty tweets with heart emojis.


  1. Ollie Jackson- Since 2015, she has been dating Ollie Jackson, a boy whom she met at school. When it comes to relationships, she prefers guys with no fame. Her cute relationship with Ollie has gradually turned into an exemplary relationship for most of her colleagues. To attend the Q awards, her charming boyfriend did her body makeup while she took care of her face makeup. However, the two broke up in 2017.


  1. Reuben Selby- The news of Maisie Williams dating Reuben Selby came to the surface when the two were spotted walking hand in hand in New York In February 2019. Reuben runs the modeling agency and designs clothes. The two have been together since then.


Gossip and Rumors of Maisie Williams

Even becoming an actress doesn’t stop bullies. The plot of Maisie Williams’ TV movie Cyberbully became too real for this young actress just a year after she began working on Game of Thrones.

The young actress has a close relationship with her mother to thank her for putting her through tough times online. Williams has since deleted some of her social media accounts.

You know you’ve made it big when you are invited to give a TED talk. When Maisie Williams was asked to submit one in 2019, she was only 22 and not even sure where to start. What could you say that could have an impact? She said during her talk, then admitted, The fact that I’m here giving a TED talk right now is a long way from everything I thought I was capable of.

The actress is very fond of tattoo art and has resorted to making one several times. Of her tattoos, the daisy is dedicated to her production house which opened in 2016 called Daisy Chain, and three are dedicated to her attachment to the Game of Thrones series. One of these three tattoos was made together with her friend and colleague Sophie Turner and bears the date, 07-08-09, which is when both girls were hired.



Maisie has several awards for her compelling acting skills. She won the EWwy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama in 2011, the Portal Award for Best Television Actress, the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor, the London Film Critics Circle Award for young performer of the year, and many more.

Net Worth

With a successful professional career, Maisie has amassed a net worth of $ 6 million. In addition to her TV appearances, Williams has appeared in several films such as Gold, The Falling, The Book of Love, iBoy, Then Came You, and many more. Well, so far, she has won 9 awards for her work in several films and series. Maisie earned a huge fortune and fame through her work as an actress.


Well, as reported, Masie Williams earned the salary of $ 150,000 per episode from GOT in the early seasons, which rose to $ 175,000 while reaching Season 8, last season. Her primary source of income is her acting career, the main credit is for the HBO series Game of Thrones. In comparison, she owns less than Game of Thrones co-stars such as Kit Harington ($ 12 million), Peter Dinklage ($ 15 million), Emilia Clarke ($ 13 million), and Lena Headey ($ 9 million).


She owns a Land Rover that costs around $ 49,990 and an Audi that costs around $ 105,000.

Although Williams keeps falling in love with handsome hunks, but she stated she doesn’t believe in marriage and that she won’t walk down the path as it will take away one’s individual freedom.

  • Playing Arya Stark in the HBO drama series Game of Thrones since 2011.
  • She is best friend with Game of Thrones co-star Sophie Turner.
  • Williams, active in dance from a young age, is familiar with various dance forms such as ballet, freestyle, pointe, rue, and tap.
  • In 2012, she won the portal award in the category Best Supporting Actress – Television for her work in Game of Thrones. She is the youngest to win such an award at the age of 15.
  • In 2016, Maisie Williams became one of the youngest people to receive an Emmy nomination (via Golden Derby ). Realizing that opportunities like this are rare for young actors, she took control of this opportunity in the industry and created her creative outlet: a production company.
  1. To play the part of Arya Stark Maisie had to drop out of high school, after she turned 16 and finished compulsory school she decided to interrupt her studies
  2. Maisie Williams is very active on social media, mainly on Instagram and Twitter. She is a youtube fan and in fact, spends time watching videos from other YouTubers from which she also draws inspiration.
  3. From the age of 12, and due to script requirements, Maisie Williams has become left-handed.
  4. Maisie was the youngest actress to win the category of the best-supporting actress at 15 years old.

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