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Ludwig Ahgren is one of the most popular American live streamers, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, actors, and esports commentators known for his game videos, reactions, and game shows that he has streamed on his Twitch account called Ludwig.


Before Fame

Ludwig attended Arizona State University, graduating with a BA in English Literature and Journalism.



The American streamer surpasses Ninja as the largest subscription channel and will donate everything obtained to charitable causes. During the last 31 days, he has broadcasted uninterruptedly on his channel everything he has done. The challenge of broadcasting his entire life 24 hours a day for the entire month is what has made him achieve this record.


Family Life

He grew up in New Hampshire in a French-American bilingual family. He is in a relationship with QTCinderella for a year now. He has a sister and his stepfather is Peter.


Associated With

When he started his streaming career, he sought inspiration from other famous streamers such as CDNThe3rd, NICKMERCS, Sodapoppin, Clint Stevens, and Joseph Mang0 Marquez.

$1,000,000 – $1,500,000 (More info Below)

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