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Ana de la Reguera is an icon of beauty and professionalism, She is one of the Mexican actresses with the best international projection today. Univision chose her among the most influential Latinos in the United States along with the judge of the US Supreme Court of Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Vogue Latin America magazine considers her one of the 33 most elegant women in the world. And People en Español included her among their latest list of The 50 Most Beautiful. In 2009, she was considered the most profitable actress by the media in Mexico. 

Early Life

Annabell Gardoqui de la Reguera, known as Ana de la Reguera was born on April 8, 1977, in Veracruz, a place she left at a very young age due to her concern for acting, however, the actress always carries her land in her heart. She was born in a family made up of Augusto Gardoqui, her father, Nena de la Reguera, her mother who was also a journalist and once was crowned with the title of Miss Veracruz., and Alicia de la Reguera, her sister. The latter has also dedicated herself to the artistic environment, although she has done it through music, integrating the rock group Las Ultrasónicas with the nickname Alica Gua Gua.

She began her studies of acting and arts at the Istituto Veracruzano de Cultura, thanks to her unrivaled beauty and poise, she managed to host the Catwalk on Televisa Veracruz, her first approach to television, a world that dazzled her.

Therefore, Ana decides to follow her dream and moves to Mexico City to join the Center for Artistic Education (CEA), where under the tutelage of teachers such as Rosa María Bianchi, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, and Raúl Quintanilla, she managed to stand out in her group.



Ana de la Reguera began her career at the Televisa affiliate in Veracruz, participating as a host in the Pasarela program, which was broadcast in that port. Sometime later, and with the hope of starting an acting career in the Mexican capital, she decided to move to Mexico City to take several acting courses, entering the Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA), where she had as teachers great actresses of Mexican television such as Rosa María Bianchi and Patricia Reyes Spíndola.

She made her debut in 1996, playing the character of Cecilia, in Azul, a soap opera starring Kate del Castillo. Ana continued her career on television by participating in the productions Pueblo Chico, Infierno grande, in 1997, and Desencuentro, in the same year. Although she seemed to have a promising career at Televisa, the actress decided to seek new opportunities in another production house, receiving her first offer on the telenovela Tentaciones, produced by Argos Comunicación, a company with which she remained until 2002. There, she was part of the cast of the soap operas Tentaciones, Todo por Amor, Cara o Cruz, and Por ti.

At the end of her contract with Argos Comunicaciones, Ana began to look for a way to internationalize her career, thus arriving in the United States to participate in the miniseries Como Pedro por su casa, in 2003.

The last telenovela in which she participated was in Gitanas, a joint production between Argos and Telemundo. After this, Ana began to show a more marked interest in participating in television series and movies, standing out in 2006 for her role in the film Nacho Libre starring comedian Jack Black, which marked her debut in Hollywood.

In 2008, she joined the cast of the acclaimed series Capadocia, an HBO production in which actors such as Dolores Heredia, Juan Manuel Bernal, and Cecilia Suárez participated.

Since that year, she has been seen in more than ten film productions and in nine special appearances for television, among which are Así del precipicio, Sultanes del Sur, Royal Pains, and Goliath.

Her most recent work was in the series Ana, an autobiographical series transmitted through a digital platform that had a good acceptance among the public.

In theaters, she participated in El Postino for which she received two awards. One as the best actress by the Association of Theater Journalists in Mexico and another as the most promising actress by the Association of Theater Critics and Journalists (ACPT). Ana has one of the most recognized faces in Latin America.

She has participated in numerous television programs, including hosting the MTV Latin America Awards ( 2006 ). She has posed for the covers of the most prestigious magazines in the region for the last ten years. She is one of the rising stars in the Latin American and US film and television industry.

In addition to acting, her face has been seen in several important advertising campaigns such as the one she shot for the multinational brand of tea Lipton together with the handsome Australian actor Hugh Jackman. In addition to working for other important brands such as Cover Girl, Pantene, Special K, Flip, Macy’s, Telefónica, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Caress, among others.

She has received numerous awards including Silver Goddesses: Ladies’ night,

So off the cliff, ACE Awards, Youth Awards, CANACINE Awards, El Heraldo de México Awards, and Palms of Gold.


Gossip and Rumors of Ana De La Reguera

  1. The actress has expressed how her desire to be a mother disappeared because she realized that it came from social and family pressure. The actress assured that she froze her eggs, but over time, she understood that it was never really in her plans. In 2017, Ana decided to freeze her eggs as an alternate plan in the face of indecision and the so-called biological clock that becomes latent.
  2. Throughout her interviews and candidly, Ana de la Reguera has declared, in a recent interview with ¡HOLA ! that she was never educated to marry and that this is how she feels fulfilled. In other media, she has confessed that although she has nothing against cosmetic surgery, she has not done anything. Because she suffers from keloid scarring, so she decides to take care of herself through diet and exercise.


Ana De La Reguera Famous For

  1. She played sister Encarnación in the comedy Nacho Libre starring Jack Black. She was a model for CoverGirl in 2010.
  2. For Cowboys and Aliens (2011), by director Jon Favreau, perhaps Reguera’s most international work to date. On this occasion, she had the opportunity to work alongside great Hollywood stars such as Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, or Daniel Craig.
  3. Through different performances throughout her career, Ana has shown that she knows how to make people laugh and well, something that she is now willing to confirm with the Amazon Exclusive Ana series.


Net worth

De la Reguera commented that she learned to think about the future after witnessing the experience of her parents, who lost everything. They were very successful, but the money was running out. so invested in the Stock Market for the first time in 2009 and it was a difficult experience. However, she has learned her way to accumulate a fortune for herself thereby accumulating a net worth of $2 million as of 2021.

The actress is truly mesmerizing with those big and beautiful Veracruz eyes. She is truly a years swallower because despite having already started her film career years ago, this beauty looks younger and better than ever… like a good wine. Standing at a height of 5 ft 3 inches weighing only 52 kg, the Latina beauty has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. With an hourglass body shape and measurements of 30-23-33 inches, she has been mesmerizing big and small screens equally.

  1. Ana had her first relationship with handsome hunk Erick Elías Rabinovitz who was born on June 23, 1979. he is also a is a Mexican actor. She dated the actor for a year from 2004. 
  1. Among the most famous romances of the actress are the one she had with the Mexican-American journalist and presenter Jorge Ramos between 2006 and 2011. This engagement ended after five years due to alleged infidelity on the part of the presenter.
  1. A short time later, she began a relationship with the Mexican politician Tomás Ruiz, and although it seemed that a wedding between the two was approaching. In 2013 the couple announced that they had broken their engagement, again, due to alleged infidelity on the part of her partner.
  1. Shortly after breaking up with Tomas, she dated Diego Boneta who is a Mexican singer and actor. However, the two broke up soon and the actress moved on with her dating life. 
  1. One of her last public romances was with fellow actor Tony Dalton. Although the press had indicated that the actors were romantically related, it was not until a few months later that the actress made the announcement official through an interview in one of the most important social magazines in Mexico. This relationship ended amicably after 2 years, in 2019.
  1. She obtained American citizenship back in 2017. 
  2. She had to work hard to get rid of her Latina accent so she can be accepted by American audiences.
  3. As a result of the arrival of hurricane Karl that hit several areas of the state of Veracruz, Ana did not sit idly by. She started the VeracruzAna foundation, to help the community of La Antigua and its reconstruction, and later continue with cultural actions and information that will help the development of the people of the region.
  4. Although she recently premiered on Tik Tok, Ana has been very successful on social media through Twitter and Instagram, sharing candid content. Whether it’s learning to vogue, eating street tacos, sharing boomerangs, or making videos for parody accounts, Ana keeps us on the brink of laughter with her good humor and presence.

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